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Personnel leasing & Staffing

Groupe GE Nationales also offers leasing services for qualified personnel and staffing for your production lines or manufacturing facility that is tailored to your needs. Contact-us for more information.

Agri-food Sanitation

We strive to continually improve our services and reassessing sanitation programs by incorporating the latest technologies to reduce and eventually eliminate contamination risks factors.

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Commercial roof snow removal

We offer a 24/7 roofing snow removal emergency response to protect your building from the threat of heavy snow and ice accumulation at competitive pricing for storm emergencies.

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Cleaning & desinfection

Steam cleaning is in effect a dry steam process with a moisture content of only 4 to 6{8402e64d92b95a13dee31ebefd24e9f66cee6ae73b18c3e90f7b2575db1ed960}. It is scientifically certified to disinfect all surfaces and eliminate viruses and bacteria.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your office carpet can have a big impact on the look and feel of your work environment. Keep your carpet floor clean and free of microbes, and it will last for many more years.

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Lavage de vitres

Les vitres contribuent littéralement à l’éclat et au prestige d’un immeuble. Propres, elles sont d’une grande utilité en laissant passer la lumière pour une meilleure atmosphere de travail.

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Nettoyage après sinistre

Nous offrons un service complet de nettoyage et restauration après sinistre, de la decontamination de moissisure au séchage des lieux. Nous avons tout les atouts nécessaires!

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Janitorial services provided by Groupe GE Nationales since 2007 in a CLSC is based on a roadmap that we established. They also do specific work at Ste. Dorothée’s CLSC and CHSLD, such as stripping waxed floor tiles, complete cleaning in some areas like the kitchen or offices. They are available 24 hours a day and even on short notice, they offer quality service at a very competitive price. I recommend their services without hesitation.

Guy Migneron

CSSS Laval

On behalf of UniFirst Canada Ltd., we wish to express our satisfaction with the services provided by Groupe GE Nationales. They respond promptly to our demands by offering quality services that we are vey satisfied with. We highly recommend their services. Thank you!

Elizabeth Sévigny

UniFirst Canada Ltée

The mandate with Groupe GE Nationales is based on our needs. A follow-up in person and / or by telephone happens on a regular basis to ensure that we receive outstanding service. The client has to always be satisfied.

Guylaine Duperron

Max Aviation

Steve is an outstanding businessman. He stands out for his vast expertise in the management and administration of his maintenance teams. He is well known in his field and easily stands out from the rest of the competition. This businessman is both a perfectionist and conscientious of his work. Over time, he has become a business partner who I value a lot.

Christian Chaput

Grass Valley